148 Lewis Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11221

Potter’s House 20th Anniversary Celebration

To God be all the glory! 

So much of what God has done through us started with a testimony – A testimony of praise and worship – an attempt to put words to what we have been through, what we are coming out of, and where God is calling us to. That testimony, combined with the power of the word of God and His redemptive work, has changed so many who have come through our doors.

Won’t you JOIN US us at our 20th anniversary dinner

Saturday, November 10, 2018 5pm-8pm
Macon Gallery
936 Marcy Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11216
One block from the A train to Nostrand Ave.
Walk towards TD Bank @ Macon Street

To purchase tickets or place an acknowledgment in our commemorative journal – click here! To share your storyat our event, email phchurchlife@gmail.com.  Please make all purchases by October 26th, 2018.


Please note the following:

TESTIMONIALS: If you would like to share from the podium – through word, song or other presentation – how  our pastor, Rev. Barbara Caesar-Stephenson or our church has inspired you, we would be greatly blessed! Please let us know by contacting phchurchlife@gmail.com right away. Subject line: My PH Testimony!

FOR THE DINNER: We want everyone to feel comfortable and welcomed. Please let us know if you have dietary restrictions or need any special accommodations.  TO RSVP – use the “CONTACT US” box below to send us a note with the number of tickets you would like. All purchases must be finalized by October 26. 

FOR THE EVENT JOURNAL: Please submit artwork as high resolution .jpg files at least 1MB in size. Please submit journal notes as .txt files. Send all materials to phchurchlife@gmail.com
with the Subject: FOR DINNER JOURNAL. If you are unable to attend, please still consider purchasing journal ad, we will acknowledge it at the event and make sure you get a copy!

All sales final – no refunds for journal or dinner purchases.